County Farm Bureaus to Host Informational Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Meeting


The McDonough County Farm Bureau is partnering with surrounding county Farm Bureaus and other state and local agencies to host a Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS) meeting on Friday, November 13 at 9:30 a.m. at the Hancock County Extension Center, 550 N Madison, in Carthage, IL.


Intended for those living and/or farming in local watersheds, the meeting will focus on best management practices (BMPs) specific to our region of the state.


“Our state stretches more than 400 miles from north to south. Soil types and farming practices change depending on where you are,” said Chris Hausman, Illinois Council of Best Management Practices President and District 12 Director, Illinois Farm Bureau. “This meeting will give farmers and other stakeholders the opportunity to discuss how the strategy will impact them at their local watershed level and will arm them with information about on-farm BMPs they can use. Farmers also will learn all that is being done to reduce nutrient losses and how to build on current successes.”


Released earlier this year, the strategy provides a framework for reducing nutrient losses, improving local water quality and improving the quality of water leaving the state and entering the Gulf of Mexico. Faced with raising more food while protecting natural resources, the Illinois agricultural community is taking on that challenge. Illinois farmers have the support of many organizations as they adopt voluntary enhanced nutrient stewardship and conservation practices.


In addition to guest speakers from Illinois Farm Bureau, agencies such as Illinois Department of Agriculture, Illinois EPA, West Central FS, IL-CBMP, SWCD and NRCS will participate in the meeting.  The meeting is one of two scheduled on November 13. Quincy will also serve as a host site for a Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy meeting at 1:00 p.m.  The agenda will be similar for both meetings.


Refreshments will be provided at the meeting.  For more information, contact the Hancock County Farm Bureau at 217-357-3141.