What is the Foundation? 

The McDonough County Farm Bureau Foundation is committed to assuring agriculture’s future through our funding of quality agriculture programs. Last year, the  Foundation gave away four $500 scholarships to local students pursuing degrees in agriculture related fields.


The Foundation also coordinates and supports the Ag in the Classroom program which allows students in McDonough County to receive comprehensive agriculture  programming once a month in their classrooms– for FREE as well as access to tons of agriculture books, handouts and kits!   At MCDFB we know that the future of our industry depends on the education surrounding it. 



Leave behind a tradition of giving. Start today by donating cash, personal property, or even stocks and bonds in honor of family or friends. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, or the birth of a child, a donation in someone’s honor shows that person how much you care.

The Foundation is a nonprofit entity, organized under the IRS Code 501 301(c)(3), gifts can be deducted as allowed by law.