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Ag in the Classroom

Our Agriculture Literacy Program serves McDonough County

Agriculture in the Classroom strives to bring understanding of the agriculture industry and its relevance in our everyday lives to students and teachers. Our AITC coordinators are available to visit each school in McDonough County. They are here to provide in-classroom presentations, resources, and kits to our local teachers and students! Are you interested in having one of our coordinators come to your classroom? Please find their contact information below.


For Pre-K

Mrs. Ronda McKee is your contact for all Pre-K programming, lessons, and kits

Please contact her by phone 309-837-3350 or email

For Kindergarten - 5th grade

Mrs. Mendy Sowers is your contact for all elementary school programming, lessons, and kits

Please contact her by phone 309-837-3350 or email


Here are lists of resources available to be checked out.

If there are resources you are interested in that are not listed, please reach out. We can try to make them available.

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