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About Us

Farm Bureau is a membership organization governed by farmers who join through their local county Farm Bureau. Illinois Farm Bureau was founded in 1916 by a group of farmers who met at the University of Illinois to discuss the need for education, better information, and more effective farming practices.

Early on, Farm Bureau was involved in passing legislation and lobbying lawmakers about agricultural issues. At the same time, county Farm Bureaus provided a professional staff in accessible locations around the state. 

Today, county Farm Bureaus, such as the McDonough County Farm Bureau, are still involved with legislation dealing with agricultural issues. Many more programs have been added to ensure the message of agriculture’s importance is maintained in communities all over Illinois.

McDonough County Farm Bureau’s mission is to be , “An agricultural grassroots organization – devoted to ensuring the quality of life for our county Farm Bureau members –today and tomorrow.”

 This is accomplished through membership at the county level by the number of quality programs commissioned by the County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.

The McDonough County Farm Bureau® is affiliated with the Illinois Farm Bureau®. 

 Illinois Farm Bureau is a member of the American Farm Bureau Federation®, a national organization of farmers and ranchers including Farm Bureaus in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and is responsible for Farm Bureau® membership and programs within Illinois. Illinois Farm Bureau® programs and services are available only to Farm Bureau® members within Illinois. FARM BUREAU® and FB® are registered service marks owned by the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The McDonough County Farm Bureau is led by a group of 9 directors

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